Enjoy the luxury of a garden - wherever you are.

Spending more time at home, of course means, finding new ways to bring nature into our homes. Think about it - if you had to spend extended times only in your home, what one essential would you want?

To me, the answer is obvious... a garden. 

Indoor gardens are trending but how can we get the best of both doors (in and out)? So to get the creative juices flowing we started by researching some of the legendary outdoor gardens we know of and started with one of the most wondrous gardens of all time: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World,as listed by Hellenic culture, with an amazing selection of plants, phenomenal architecture and intricate irrigation systems. Remarkable engineering was required for the ascending series of tiered gardens containing a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and vines, resembling a large green mountain constructed of mud bricks. The name is derived from the Greek word kremastós (κρεμαστός, lit. "overhanging"), which has a broader meaning than the modern English word "hanging" and refers to trees being planted on a raised structure such as a terrace.

The plant species that may have been found in the gardens are simply amazing and said to have been: Olea europaea (Olive Tree), Cydonia oblonga (Quince Tree), Pyrus communis (Pear Tree), Ficus carica (Fig Tree)
Prunus dulcis (Almond Tree), Vitis vinifera (Grape Vine), Phoenix dactylifera (Date Plam), Tamarix aphylla (Athel Tree), Pistacia atlantica (Pistaccio Tree). I would have loved to have wandered and pick on that selection of fruit! #Yummy!

Imported plant varieties that may have been present in the gardens include the cedar, cypress, myrtle, pomegranate, plum, juniper, oak, ash tree, fir, nightshade and willow.Some of these plants were suspended over the terraces and draped over its walls with arches underneath.

Unfortunately, the Hanging Gardens are the only one of the Seven Wonders for which the location has not been definitively established. I can relate because sometimes I get lost getting to some of the surrounding parks in my neighbourhood. There are no Babylonian texts that mention the gardens, and no definitive archaeological evidence has been found in Babylon. 

Many questions to answer but we're inspired by the legend of these gardens and look forward to learning more about them and their existence. What would a modern hanging garden of this scale look like and what about the equivalent indoor garden? 


What we concluded was how fortunate we are in a today's age. Today, you don't have to be King or Queen to enjoy the luxury of a garden. Modern civilisation allows us to accommodate some kind of indoor or outdoor garden in most homes, so lets all enjoy getting closer to nature.


Elegant Babylon Wall Globes

Hanging Garden with Pendant Globes


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